I started my journey of counselling back in Christchurch when I completed a Diploma in Psychology. I chose this path due to my own personal experiences while having counselling as a teenager. Through my process of therapy, I found self-acceptance and awareness of what was going on in my life and the troubles I was going through at the time. This experience opened the doorway to develop an understanding on therapy and how it can help others find their own answers to the issues they are facing.

Throughout my life, I have experienced a number of significant challenges which includes single parenting, being married to a non-resident partner, having overwhelming financial commitment whilst juggling time restraints and physical demands. I managed to get through these difficult barriers by both using my knowledge of psychology and a love for sports. For example, talking about my issues with non-judgmental people, facing my problems methodically head on through looking at my obstacles from a different, more positive approach. These learned and innate skills enabled a holistic change to occur that lead to becoming a career as a professional therapist here in New Zealand.

Counselling Methodology
- Solution Brief Intervention Therapy.
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
- Person Centered Counselling
- SPICC Model (Children)
- Te Whare Tapa Wha

- BASci in Counselling
- Cert. Social Work
- Diploma in Psychology
- Psychological first aide
- Cert Safeguarding children 

ACC Sensitive Claims Counsellor

*Contract Counsellor with EAP Services & OCP.

- Worked as Addiction therapist and Mental Health Advocate.

Disclaimer: As a professional counsellor I am bound by the NZAC Code of Ethics.


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Registered Provisional Member with NZAC
ACC Sensitive Claims Therapist
Victim Support Counsellor